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  1. A nice website for lost people to find there way in wiring micro controllers and finding the documentations to load the programes
    very nice effort.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am Shrikant M and Pursuing B.E final year. I came across your site and it's really to say that your web site is amazing which provides new trends techno project ideas. So, I am doing project on the title "Temperature control in PROTEUS using ADC with motor attached to it". Its like when temperature is high then RPM of motor should be more and vise versa. In addition to that I needed to add any feature by adding TRANSISTOR. But I am not getting sir. Please help me out this. I saw your all projects So, your one of the expert.

    Please send me the design of such project and its C-code. I am using
    8051 or 8951. Please send me ADC-Motor-LCD-TRANSISTOR-Any other
    feature. Please send sir and your help will be like star for me.

    To give an idea I have attached some of the designs in which I have explained the same. Please go through it. Really I needed your help.

    Thanking You,

    Shrikant M


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