Our Team


Abid Jamal Received his B.S. Degree in Electronics & Communication in 2014 (Gold Medalist) from University of Lahore, Islamabad, Pakistan and  Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Capital University of science and technology, Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2016. He is the Creator of www.Electronicslovers.com website. Awarded by “A” grade in Electronic & circuits MIT online certificate. He achieved an academic Excellence certificate in the year 2014. He received Dean Honor Roll award for earning GPA 3.67, Spring-2015 in MSEE. He has done many projects using Different kinds of microcontroller. His research interests include Radar Cross Section measurements, Smart Grid communications, Intelligent transportation systems, driver-less car, cellular mobile communication & networks, improve Smartphone’s battery life for 3G+LTE user’s, and embedded systems. 

Nikola Risteski (Instructor)                                                                                                                                                     Nikola Risteski, born in Macedonia in 1983. His curiosity for electricity began in his early years when he was in primary school. He was often taking part in national school competitions for electronics and mathematics. After high school graduation as Electronic technician due to a financial crisis, he started working in an Electronic workshop where he got quite a lot of experience. A few years later he found himself working in a Computer store as a hardware technician. Constantly upgrading himself and always in search of a challenge, Nikola got a job offer to work for the prestige ship company  Princess Cruises, where he could get an international experience, and he took it.  A half-decade later he comes back to his own small town in the center of Macedonia and opens his own Electronic workshop, “Tesla”. He started exploring the world of microcontrollers and their practical use for home and industrial improvement, and renewable energy usage. Overall he has more than 15 years of experience with audio, video, automation, and computer hardware repair.  

Alessio Borgi’s Biography (Content Writer)

My name is Alessio Borgi, I live in Civitavecchia, a small town near Roma and I attend the third year of the Informatic Secondary School. I love Informatic science and Electronics, in particular, I am passionate about Arduino’s Project because it gives to me the possibility to satisfy curiosity and creativity. I have been present at Maker Fairein Roma with a company to pursue project developed with my school. In the future, my ambition is to open an Electronics and Informatics Company with my dear Friend Christian who is part of the project mentioned above.

Rameeza Yasin (Content Writer) 

Rameeza Yasin is a content writer who is currently studying at Karachi University, a Bachelor of Applied Physics. She has a passion for writing in all types of fields mostly electronics. She has also done blogging on Android Smartphones. Not only is she a great writer but also an amazing artist.