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PCBgogo is back with its newly launched website

PCBgogo is back with its newly launched website. Not only has it improved its customer’s service; with its newly launched website, it has become much easier to place your order, payment, assembly and delivery. Visit Now (Under Testing Mode)

PCBgogo is one of the largest and most popular PCB manufacturers in China. Owning two factories in Shenzhen, China, and with over 20 years’ worth of experience and over 200 employees(500 engineers and workers overall) currently working in its industry. Built on 2400 sqm of land, PCBgogo just keeps on expanding, now housing the trust of over 20,000 engineers and 800 contract assemblers.


PCBgogo provides its customers low cost and good quality  manufacturing

The price structure is transparent and includes no additional hidden charges. PCBgogo also has upgraded its customer service to keep up with all your demands. PCBgogo can fabricate PCB prototypes of up to 10 layers for mass production. PCBgogo’s own professional staff is always ready to help their customers24/7 by answering their questions and helping in designing the boards.

PCBgogo Services

They offer PCB and PCBA (PCB assemblage) quick turn and turnkey services. The fabrication process can be tracked online. PCBgogo also offers repair and rework services if the product is damaged during delivery or turns out defective with no additional tools charges. PCBgogo also guarantees to keep all your design files confidential. They even offer NDA contracts for customer satisfaction.

The PCB service provided by PCBgogo is well planned.  You are required to send your PCB design files/ “GERBER files” which contain basic information such as “board size, quantity, layers etc.” PCBgogo offers custom fabrication of your design, while the process is continuously being looked over by employees for the best quality designing. The circuit boards are designed using automated machines, and CAD software often on Mylar sheets. The boards are first tested using flying probe test and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) to guarantee quality before dispatch.

PCBgogo also offers different categories of PCBA designing

  • Prototype PCBA (rapid prototyping method to design a prototype later used to manufacture new products)
  • HMLV PCBA(a small number of circuit boards are assembled and may vary in size and applications)
  • High Volume, High Mix PCBA (a comparatively larger volume of boards are manufactured)
  • Consigned and Partial PCBA (customers provide parts and components while the company fabricates and assembles it for you)
  • Turnkey PCBA ( product is designed, supplied and built entirely but the company)

With the newly launched website, currently being tested, PCBgogo is now providing 24 hours customers service Live on-site. PCBgogo is producing over 40,000 designs per month. PCBgogo provides DHL services and also provides shipment through FedEx, EMS, HK, and UPS, guaranteed to be fast and reliable. You can track your shipment along the way. Some orders are even received 1-2 days ahead of time.

The assembly standard of PCBgogo is IPC-A-610 Class 2. On the other hand, PCBgogo is also RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant; it adopts lead-free production and is ISO90001:2008-certified. It keeps a connection with its customers and provides services on its website and through email and through Skype. 

 “This blog post was sponsored by (PCBgogo).”

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