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Are you an Electronics hobbyist or professional developer, then you should have familiarized with ADAFRUIT? If you know about that then don’t waste your time and skip to next article. If you don’t hear what it is all about? Then this is the right article you can get an introduction to Adafruit.

ADAFRUIT: A catchy name was owned by a female entrepreneur who is the heroine of DIY kit making, Limor Ladyada Fried. Now you can get why it is named ADAFRUIT. A first woman engineer who covered WIRED magazine and featured by Google.  Located in New York City and founded in 2005.It is purely womanized company which doesn’t mean a man can’t get in.Image result for ADAFRUITWhy it is important:

          Adafruit is not only a kit maker; they are also developers of a new simplified version of all possible kits. They are also great teachers for the hobbyist and for professional as well. For an example, you can learn from, simple LED circuits to the most complicated LED circuits in Adafruit. Not only learning, it can provide all the possible electronic components ranging from LED’s to the complex microcontroller and their application implementation.

Adafruit plays a vital role in emerging technology called the Internet of Things (IoT). They provide the modules for this technology from simple wireless Bluetooth module to complex sensor processing units. Adafruit didn’t stop yet. They create libraries for the provided modules.

Hope you know a bit about Adafruit now.

Let’s explore the procedures and terms of the Adafruit.

  • You can purchase all your orders through your credit card. Don’t be afraid that Adafruit will charge you an extra penny.
  • You cannot pre-order the goods which are out-of-stock. Because they are DIY employees. But you can get a notification through the mail when goods are made available.
  • No orders can be modified once they are placed. They are super fast in shipping.
  • If you requested for a kit, you’ll get a kit, not the product. They can able to address your request not more than that.
  • Kits which you requested for will not contain any printed instructions for assembly. All the procedures are documented online.
  • International shipping? – Of course, they do. They are a part of an international market. If they don’t ship to your country check out their distributor page for the nearest reseller.
  • No kit over international order? – It may stick in customs over a period, but not in all the cases. Don’t worry. You’ll receive it soon.
  • And surprisingly they deliver to the military base locations also that too for FREE of cost.
  • Return of product!! – Hope this will not be the option when you bought from Adafruit. But you may return with no damage condition of the goods within 30 days.
  • So is this an open source – yes they are. If any of their components is opensource hardware, they support the open-source software or firmware too.
  • If you’re a bitcoin holder – you could use that to buy the kits on Adafruit.

Wowwww!!! This ADAFRUIT is amazing. They are making kits for all.

Can I make a kit for Adafruit or showcase my skills to them? – YES, you can.

You can join them on Google+ or send the details to their “contact us” page. They are available in YouTube also.

And the great news is you can sell your awesome cool stuff on Adafruit  if they accept your design.

Some of the cool stuff provided by ADAFRUIT

  1. LED’s(kidding)
  2. Arduino boards
  3. Raspberry Pi boards
  4. Electronic accessories like stickers, DIY kits
  5. Batteries
  6. Books
  7. IoT kits
  8. LCD’s
  9. Robotics and CNC parts
  10. Variety of sensors
  11. Wearable
  12. 3D printings and lists is enlarging.


Using Bluefruit BLE to Give Disabled Users Switch Control Access to IOS Devices


The ESP8266 processor from Espressif is an 80 MHz microcontroller with a full WiFi front-end (both as client and access point) and TCP/IP stack with DNS support as well. While this chip has been very popular, it’s also been very difficult to use.adafruit_products_2471_top_180rotated_ORIG.jpg

The HUZZAH ESP8266 breakout is what we designed to make working with this chip super easy and a lot of fun. We took a certified module with an onboard antenna, and plenty of pins, and soldered it onto our designed breakout PCBs. We added in:

  • Reset button
  • User button that can also put the chip into a bootloading mode,
  • Red LED you can blink
  • Level shifting on the UART and reset pin
  • 3.3V out, 500mA regulator (you’ll want to assume the ESP8266 can draw up to 250mA so budget accordingly)
  • Two diode-protected power inputs (one for a USB cable, another for a battery)

The module itself is FCC certified and contains the ESP8266 chip with 64 KiB of instruction RAM, 96 KiB of data RAM, and 4 MB of QIO FLASH (32 Megabits)

Two parallel, breadboard-friendly breakouts on either side give you access to:

  • 1 x Analog input (1.0V max)
  • 9 x GPIO (3.3V logic), which can also be used for I2C or SPI
  • 2 x UART pins
  • 2 x 3-6V power inputs, reset, enable, LDO-disable, 3.3V output

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