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Are you reading this article in computer!!! Or on your android smartphone?

Yes, Computer era has passed away. It’s Smartphone days. A man without a mobile is separated from the world. And a mobile without a charge is separated from the Galaxy. So a mobile needs charge to operate with. In this article, we will see what is the optimum ways to charge your mobile and the creepy word OVERCHARGING – OVERNIGHT.

What is charging? – In a simple word “pushing charges into the battery”.

OVERCHARGING? – When a battery is reached its maximum charges intake point, then the charges after that is wasted one and will reduce the lifespan of the battery. It is a great myth and rumor among the people that, if we keep plugged in a Smartphone, it may explode. Let us discuss that in this article.

There were some problems in the starting of the evolution of mobiles and their batteries. The older version of mobiles was using Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel based batteries to power up the device. These batteries are not smart enough of recent days batteries like Lithium-Ions because of the following reasons.

  • Nickel centric batteries will forget their full charging capacity often. So it needs to be fully discharged before it plugged in to.
  • Batteries always perform slower as their span cycle is increased. Nickel batteries posses high correlation for this property.

To overcome these many challenges android based smartphones are evolved with new kind of batteries called Lithium Ion(Li-Ion) batteries. These are different from its ancestors.

  • If you charge your android device which is made up of Li-Ion battery and is charge up to 60% it will remember the point and when you plugged in again it will count from the same point. It will not consider a new battery cycle.
  • Though it is also a battery it will diminish in capacity over the cycle. But unlike nickel battery, the effect is very less in this kind of batteries.

Is it safe to leave your Android or iPhone smartphone charging overnight?

 This is the biggest rumor in this smartphone era. If you’re clear about the Li-Ion batteries this is just a joke for you. Because modern-day android devices are smart enough in charging and discharging of batteries and Li-Ion is well suited for them. Actually once the mobile reaches its maximum point phone starts to charge the battery in trickle way and that is healthier for your battery.

Some more myths about smartphone charging:

  • We should not use our device while charging – This is absolutely false. We can use our device at any time but the heat produced by the device will increase gradually.
  • We must use only the same brand chargers – A perfect example of great marketing. Every charger will charge the device but their current output may vary to every charger.
  • Frequently Kill apps to improve performance – We don’t need to kill the apps. Android is designed to manage their apps on its own.

Conclusion: So charging your Android Smartphone overnight will not damage your device and they are far smarter than us. Charging overnight may cause a rise in temperature of the device. This can be managed by good design of heat dissipation and maintain room atmosphere. Apart from this your device will not either catch up fire nor explode. Use your device – Charge your device.


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