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Applications and Drawbacks Internet of Things

What is the INTERNET OF THINGS?Applications and Drawbacks Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is basically the internetworking between different computing devices in this physical world. IOT use Unique Identifier to interrelate computing devices, objects, animals, people, mechanical and digital machines. Devices based on IOT has an ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.


Internet of Things (IOT) Applications

There is a wide range of application domains for the Internet of Things, machine to machine and connected objects sectors, whether in the industrial world or in everyday life. As a domain of application of the IoT, we can find for example; home automation, food field, fashion field, the field of health, pharmaceutical field, logistic and industrial field.

1-Medical applications: In the field of health, IoT can be used for many things as, monitoring device in form of a connected watch, phone also wristband that will follow the evolution of our physical activities.

2-Industrial application: In the industrial world, the IoT or machine to machine (M2M) can help to increase the performance and the productivity of a factory. But in this case, the major problem will be to communicate all devices, so the process is autonomous as possible.

3-Comfort/Well-being: In this case, IoT is used to control the mechanical systems, electricity and the electronics devises used around the building.

In this context a tree main area is being covered in literature:

• The integration of the internet with building energy management systems to create energy efficient and IoT have driven “smart buildings”. 

• The possible means of real-time monitoring for reducing energy consumption and monitoring occupant behaviors.

• The integration of smart devices in the built environment and how they might be used in future applications

Internet of Things (IOT) Drawbacks

Even though IoT represents a technological revolution in the world of tomorrow, except that it brings with it several problems.

1- Internetworking between More devices will generate more problems

The fundamental security weakness of the Internet of Things is that it increases the number of devices behind your network’s firewall. Ten years ago, most of us had to only worry about protecting our computers. Five years ago, we had to worry about protecting our smartphones as well. Now we must worry about protecting our car, our home appliances, our wearables, and many other IoT devices.

2-Hacking on the Internet of Things :

Hackers are scary, but they are far from the only threat to the Internet of Things. In fact, the corporations which create and distribute interconnected devices could also use these devices to obtain personal data, particularly dangerous when used for money transfers.

3-DATA Communication on the Internet of Things :

Related to this is the challenge of securing the personal data of individuals as the consumer goods they use become increasingly digitized. Already there are issues around metering equipment and digitalized automobiles.

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