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Hello Everybody, we are finally Accepting Guest Posts (as of Jan 2018) on our website Obivisoly this is a big news for University students, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Students, Hobbyists, and for tech bloggers. We have a team of professionals, they are working continuously in a tremendous way to make this website alive and interesting for readers. You can read details of our website here | About Us.

Guest Posting is Not Free, For More Details Contact us. 

For those who want to showcase their semester or final year project | Non-Blogger 

Most of the time students have not enough time to make a new blog or website for themselves. Yes, we have introduced a new option for those students who want to showcase their semester or final year project with the world without having a website. Students can send their semester or final year project pictures and video (if available) along with a proper description to us on our email address. Students or hobbyists can get these benefits after sharing their valuable work with us.

  • Get Verified and custom online Link for your Project
  • Use official Link in CV, like My project is available Online | Click Here
  • Can share their work with others for free and get good feedback from different people for free.
  •  Save their Project data for lifetime
  • Can get donation or sell their project ( optional )

Guideline For Accepting Guest Posts:

  • A project should be Related to Physics, Science, technology, Computer Science Electrical, and Electronics engineering.
  • Project description and details must be original and must have written in your own words.
  • Agree to not publish that project anywhere else. 

Guideline For those who want to do a Guest Posting to get a Good Quality Backlink | Blogger

We need to help each other and always be act like an educated person to prove yourself as a good human being. Yes, I respect all bloggers in this world who are doing hard work day and night to share a good quality content with others. Everyone knows that making a blog is not a rocket science. We can create a new blog in few minutes but running and updating that blog is not an easy task. Backlinks are the heart of search engine optimization, Without backlinks your website is useless.  if you really want to see your blog on Google first page then you just need to work hard to get good quality backlinks. Guest post is the most and popular way to get a genuine backlink for your blog. Here we are offering this opportunity for free for all bloggers in the world. 

  •  Can Improve your Blog Traffic
  • You Can Improve your Blog Ranking
  • Can Improve Your Blog SEO
  • Obviously, you can get a Good Quality Backlink
  • Can Improve your Google Adsense earning 

Guideline For Accepting Guest Posts:

  •   You agree to not publish the post anywhere else (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs)
  •    Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet
  •   An article should be Related to Physics, Science, technology, Computer Science Electrical, and Electronics engineering.

    Guest blogging

I have mentioned Few Articles as an Example : 

write short articles on these topics

Does technology make us more alone

what is assistive technology

what is the internet of things

how has technology changed the world

what is radiologic technology

should kids have cell phones

Explaining Internet invention

what is a semiconductor

what is an electronic data interchange


Contact us if you are interested in writing a guest post. Kindly Mention your niche or area of expertise, the topic you’d like to write about, and any related experience and skills in a message. Give the sites the link to your own blog


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