By | August 30, 2017
Overall Rating: 7 / 10


  • Stylish
  • Great built quality
  • Reasonable Price
  • Additional RAM

  • Large and Heavy
  • Less battery durability
  • Flat tire display

The only reason folks don’t purchase Smartwatches is that they lack glamour and style even though they are enriched with many functions. Apple Watch, Huawei watch, and LG watch brought out some wearables in an effort to bring beauty in Smartwatches, and recently we have the new ‘Fossil Q Founder’. Fossil Q Founder is built on ‘style’, now you can finally have an android wear that’s dashing and at the same time performs all the essentials.

Style and built:

From the look of it its no doubt the best looking Smartwatch in the market. Q founder has a round 1.5 inch display with a non-rotating button crown on one side for navigation. The case is polished stainless steel and you can choose from a leather or stainless steel strap (Stainless steel strap looks more attractive). The steel strap adds extra weight and gives a more bulkier appeal, so for women and small wrists the leather strap is recommended. It weighs about ’72’ grams comprising 22 mm bands and its also IP67 rated making it water and dust proof. The watch faces can also be customized to your taste.


Q founder houses a 1.5 inch IPS LCD display which is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight, hosting a pixels resolution of 360 x 326 (that means 240 pixels per inch). Of course, there are watches with a higher resolution but that doesn’t make it a bad aspect of the founder. However, most users might not like the featured flat tire on the display, to me I would have preferred it be left out. By the way, Q founder is one of the few Smartwatch to house the iOS.

From the look of its specs, we can see that Fossil was more focused on rendering a fashion watch instead of a sports watch (intended by most Smartwatch manufacturers). It doubles the RAM to 1 GB over the 512 MB which we find on most android Smartwatches. Instead of using the Snapdragon chipset Q founder comprises of the Intel Atom Processor, which does not make any difference whatsoever in its performance. We expected some refinement considering the processor but it renders the same as Snapdragon, that’s not much of an issue since Q founder remained in the same budget lineup as other android wear in the department.

There is 4 GB of storage for all your music and apps, you get the Wi-Fi support, accelerometer along with the gyroscope for tracking the steps taken and the distance traveled. Unfortunately, there isn’t any heart rate monitor which we get on every other Sports watch. There is also Bluetooth technology and you can get notifications right on your watch by syncing with your phone. However, Its powered by the same Android wear 2.0 version, its good as ever but something refreshing would have been a better alternative.

Battery and Charging:

Fossil’s Q Founder is powered by a 400 mAh battery which has been tested to last for a full day with moderate usage, however, the extent of the battery juice depends on the usage. By powering the always-on display and setting the brightness to automatic mode will drain the battery considerably faster.

The charging method is most inconvenient, a ‘bulky charging pillow’ is not something you would prefer to carry around with you. When it comes to android wear we require small chargers when on the road, founders charger, however, is a definite issue considering the prone power drainage via excess usage. Yet it does provide wireless charging, just place the watch on the stand-like case and tighten the band; a micro USB a cord is plugged in allowing it to charge within an hour.


Fossil Q Founder is more suitable for men rather than women, considering the usage of heavy metal especially since its fashion features are enhanced by opting for the weighty stainless steel band. It’snot a sports watch’ that much is clear, so it all depends on how you will be utilizing this Smartwatch. If you want some style on your wrist with enough power such as Wi-Fi, notifications, keeping track of your steps or maybe for occasionally tuning into your playlist; Then Q Founder is the match for you.

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