Thursday, August 10, 2017

Don't Throw Away Your Old Electronics

Do you have your old computers and laptops laying around waiting to be thrown away?? Are you intending on throwing it away or selling it?

 Maybe you would change your course once you found about many ways you can utilize your old electronics to create fascinating equipment. I'm going to highlight some exciting things you can make from your electronics. 

1) Make an External Hard Drive: 
I bet you have seen all that stuff on T.V in which people burn stuff using lasers. Now you can make one by using the following components from your computer along with a 'tutorial'.These days with the number of software's and games we install and the constant saving of pictures of videos it becomes a pain when you run out of disk space. So you can transform your computers hard drive into an external and portable hard drive. 

2) Make a burning laser: * Old DVD Drive 
* An LM317
* A resistor
* An Aixiz Module 
* 6-volt battery pack 
That rounds up to pretty "Cheap" 

3) Make Some Money: 
You can dismantle your computer and take out all the working components, you can sell them and you can also save them for making your own electronic circuits. 

4) Use of Keyboard: 
You can get really creative with your keyboard, you can make a wallet using the circuit in the keyboard. You can make a keyboard hand bag (how cool can it get). Use your old keyboard keys to make keyboard cuff links. 

5) Create your own media station: 
You can download all your favorite music and videos into your computer and even connect it to an external hard drive. Just set up your favorite media player and you can listen to f.m or even interpret it with a TV tuning system.


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