By | May 26, 2017
Hi hello Electronics lovers, today I am going to share a simple and cool project with you people under a title Arduino UNO based project to control LEDs by using a mobile phone. You don’t need high-level hardware or programming skills for this project.  This project is for beginners and it,s very easy so you can make this project at home or school. The theme of this project is to control 3 LEDs or any kind of load by using your Android-based smartphone. In this project, your Smartphone will work like a remote control to turn ON and OFF or adjust the LED brightness wirelessly. To add beauty to the hardware, put Arduino UNO and Bluetooth module in a box and pull out LEDs carefully. In the first step you need to install the Android application into your smartphone, you can download Android application for this project by clicking here. Remember don’t forget to enable install an app from Unknown sources option in your smartphone settings. 

control-LEDs-by using-an-android-smartphoneComponents Required 
  • Arduino UNO board
  • Android smartphone or Tablet.
  • Bluetooth Module HC 06.
  • LEDs.
  • Jumper wires

Hardware Connection setup for Bluetooth Module HC 06

  • Connect Vcc of HC06 to +5v of Arduino.
  • Connect GND of HC06 to GND of Arduino.
  • Connect Tx of HC06 to pin 10 of Arduino.
  • Connect Rx of HC06 to pin 11 of Arduino.

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  1. Gopi

    Hey Admin,

    The app which is included in this article is not working properly.. if I don’t connect to a device, the error message retains on the screen. Please check and rectify please.


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