Tuesday, December 27, 2016

DHT11 Temprature and Humidity sensor Interfacing with Arduino uno

Hi Hello Electronics Lovers welcome to this tutorial, in this tutorial we will see a DHT 11 a very popular temperature and humidity sensor. Unlike LM35 this is a digital sensor which has only a single pin output and easily displayed humidity and temperature. we have our regular setup our 16x2 lcd and our DHT 11 sensor so you can see in the right side the DHT 11 sensor in the blue color which has four pins the third pin which is NC mean not connected, the first pin goes to vcc mean 5 Volts the second pin is digital output and the fourth pin is ground. 
DHT11 Temprature and Humidity sensor InterfacingWe will make this circuit by using the analog pin A0 of the arduino UNO as a input pin, off course you can use any available digital input output pins also. Before move further so lets see the documentation data sheet for DHT11, you people can easily check and read the data sheet of DHT 11 humidity and temperature sensor in google or an arduino official website.

Library up-gradation in arduino is very valuable for the case of interfacing something with arduino micrcontroller. In this case we will need the library of DHT 11 sensor, you can download library of this sennor from our website under the section of arduino tab. Kindly, make sure that library is updated  After extracting or copying DHT 11 library in to arduino library folder. The next step is to write the code for this project, further details of the project and code are available in below video.
Must try this project at school or university lab, it,s an easy project. Arduino added simplicity and beauty to the embedded world. 


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