By | April 1, 2016

What is robot it,s kind of machine made with the help of different mechanical, electrical and electronics components to do the desired tasks.i always search about technology news when i get some free time recently i saw article at BBC news website under technology section that Microsoft is successfully launched  it,s helper bot system that will help people at every aspects like business, general and other discussions through Skype user can ask question and the bot will reply like human to solve the user problem the bot will do conversation same like human being after reading the article i fell good that wow technology is going so fast and they making impossibles in to possibles but after this I entered in to  my deep thoughts that what is really going on we are doing what is this good for future. If we are going at speeds like this in robotics technology show for me the employment future is totally dark and in the future we will find a new way how to destroy those man-made robots so If request to all engineers that try to make a robots for that purpose which humans can’t do not for the purpose which human being already doing do not make humans unemployable and lazy.

Don, t  be sad, we are engineers, we will deliver some good technology to the world. I shared some pictures in this article so you people can see that how the robot is taken over the human jobs and the stupid thing is this that these images are made by humans so if we know the future then why we are doing this?

“” Now we have a time we need to think about that OR in the future we must think about the destruction of these men made robots”” — Abid

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