By | March 2, 2016
This is scott kelly a guy who spend 340 days in space and after a long stay at space finally he is returned to earth safely with the help of  soyuz (veichle) his soyuz landed on Kazakhstan at 1st march, 11:26pm  it,s look  like unbelievable but he did it i think he is the lucky person who explore the space the new world during his stay scott kelly also played a role of photographer he took some beautiful pictures of space we saw the new dashing look of space due to scott kelly everyone is thankful and appreciate his effort but everyone is thinking that scott kelly was send to space to make videos and some photos on space so it,s totally wrong scott kelly was send to space by scientists to check the human body reaction under microgravity effect now National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) doctors will examine scott kelly body level, blood test, urine test, and anything related to his health if they got good results so they are successful on their mission and would be able to send astronauts to mars for long times to explore the mars .

Did you know that how scott kelly reached to earth from space station and i know your answer should be no so this is the answer scott kelly and other two member use Soyuz a special aircraft made by Nasa engineers the aircraft can support total of three people to seat in a relax mode and the aircraft contained total of 4 parachutes the parachutes deployed 15 minutes before landing on earth .

“”Physically I feel pretty good,” Kelly said during his last press conference aboard the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION.””
Picture courtesy NASA Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly)

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    Well this is one of the biggest achievements the man have ever achieved which is we are now have become too relaxed to listen that someone was gone out of space and now he has came back on the earth again, but actually it is an obvious achievement.
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