By | January 17, 2016

Hi hello everybody today i am going to write something about V2V which stand,s for vehicle to vehicle communication it,s a new technology and still under research so let,s start from basics …

Does this technology will make cars smarter & communicate with each other ?

“Yes it,s possible one day cars will communicate it will help to alert the drivers to a roadside hazards ahead while driving”

The core part of this technology is a Wireless Communication with the help of wireless communication the cars will communicate with each other by exchanging binary numbers about what they are doing. it will exchange information about their location, braking, speed, travel direction and stability of the car with others.

Vehicle to vehicle communication uses DSRC ( dedicated short range com) under the standard of FCC the possible frequency is 5.9 GHz but this frequency is also use for WiFi so this network will look like a wifi but it,s range is up to 350 meters to 1020 feet.

The v2v will use a Mesh topology for it,s network meaning every node (CAR)  will exchange information with others nodes using mesh topology.

“”Sensors will judge everything  “”

When every car on the city communicate with other cars so we can easily move toward Autonomous car meaning a Driver less car in future 2030 may be ….


* Road saftey
* Reducing the numbers of accident
* Control on traffic congestion
* Easy traffic management
* Intelligent Transport system
* Help police and society

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