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You can get this Radio Frequency 315/433 MHz Transmitter-receiver Module easily from the electronic shop. we can use this mini transceiver module for many applications in our daily life

like to make a remote control for cars, we can control or operate a Relay using this awesome module, think and use this module for your own wish but dont forget the maximum range of this module is only up to 90m you can extend this range by do a little trick with the antenna structure but i think 90m is enough .

Today our article is about that how we can connect this RF module with arduino and how to program so let,s start

” without wires control the onboard led of arduino uno board using RF module “
Components or material required :

* Two Arduino uno boards

* RF 433MHZ or 315MHZ Transceiver Module

* some jumper wires and external power supply like 9v Dc

Transceiver Module Specification:

Transmitter : 

* operating voltage : 3v to 12v Max 

* Operating current : 9mA to 40mA Max
* Modulation scheme: Ask (Amplitude shift keying )
* Frequency : 433 OR 315 MHZ (choice is your )
*  capacity : 10 kbps 
Receiver :
* operating voltage : 5v DC  
* Operating current : 5.5mA
* Modulation scheme: Ask (Amplitude shift keying )
* Bandwidth maximum: 2-Mhz


everything is clear from the schematic diagram the connection is very easy just do it by your self if you found any difficulty so don’t hesitate to ask i am here to help everyone.

Before going to download the source code first you need to update your arduino libraries for this project you need ” VirtualWire.h” library … Download it  if you are failed to do this then the rest of code is useless .

The virtual,h library allow to send string easily like byte in the code we assume that if we send 1 and the receiver detect the 1 so it,s mean to turn ON the onboard Led which is connected to pin o 13 and if receiver receive 0 so it,s mean to turn OFF onboard Led .
                               CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SOURCE CODE 

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