Thursday, November 12, 2015

How Forward Collision Avoidance Technology Works in Vehicles ?

* The radar sensor & Rear-facing machine vision camera is the heart of this technology

* Sensor has four antenna array elements the function of the antenna is to transmit the radar waves continuously . 

* Frequency range between 78 and 78GHz

* Sensor will Scan the road continuously 

* Scanning range is up to 350 feet 

* Whenever the sensor detect a hurdle and a collision is about to occur 
* A warning message would be display on lcd screen that apply initial braking

* More you go near to object the warning message will repeat with some high precautions 

 * But after sometime you didn't response Now it,s time of the sensor to perform his duty apply auto braking because the purpose of this project is to avoid forward collision avoidance 

This project is very easy you can make it by yourself if you know how to use Ultrasonic sensor and how to interface this sensor with arduino just do it if you found any difficulty while making this project so don't hesitate to ask we are here to help you 

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