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Monday, 2 November 2015

What is Linear array and Mimo antenna ?

A linear antenna array is antenna
system consisting of a number of identical
antennas placed in a straight line.

• Common assumptions:

– The array antenna elements are equally spaced, with
inter-element spacing equal to a constant value d.

– The receiving point (i.e. point P) is very far from the
antenna array

– The element antennas have the same current amplitude,
but may have different phases.

What is MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) ?

The term mimo stand's for multiple input multiple output we use mimo technology to improve the throughput and channel gain.
"" it,s easy to Collect different signals from multiple paths at one time at the receiver side will increase the gain of the channel  ""

* Multiple antennas at the transmitter

* Multiple antennas at the receiver side .

* we can achieve maximum speed using mimo technology

* Robustness and maximize throughput of the data link

* Using alternative antenna technology we can not achieve good spectral efficiency at a lower cost

* Using 2x2 MIMO tecchnology will doubles the capacity and 4x4 MIMO quadruples capacity. 

* it is  compatible with 802.11x ( earlier versions )

* By using mimo technology we can increase battery life


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