By | September 21, 2015

* The Theme of this project is to display the message (on LCD) by simply sending the sms through your Mobile phone you can use this project in share market news,information for students, Railway stations, offices e.t.c *

  • 16X2 Lcd required
  • Arduino pro Mini Atmega 328
  • GSM module sim 300 
  • Send text message like *Hi Elovers# and send 
  • 10k resistor 
  • 12v DC power supply
  • some wires, bread board, cutter

One Reply to “Send Notice Using Your Cell Phone (Arduino Based Wireless Notice Board )”

  1. Muhammad Bilal

    salam sir hope you will be fine,
    Sir how to sent text data from virtual terminal to 16*2 lcd which is connected with Arduino uno 3
    plz help me if u can…
    i need diagram and arduino coding


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