Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to make a simple charger for a LiPo battery .

*  To get a steady 9V DC we use 7809  IC
 R1 and R2 resistors are using to set a referenced voltage 
Vreference = (9/(R1+R2))*(R1) = 3.5 ( you can change this ref voltage by simply changing the res values) 
* The reference voltage is set on a non-inverting input of LM324 opam ic 
* positive terminal of the batteries connected to lm324 inverting pin through diode D1
* Comparative condition if voltage of the battery is > 4v so it,s mean battery voltage is > reference voltage so LM324 will shut down the Q1 transistor and vice versa
* We use R4 here to limit the battery charging current 


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