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I am Writing this article just only For beginners so let,s start
Buck Mean to Step Down the DC voltage to some Usable level also called DC 2 DC converter
Boost Mean to Step up the Dc voltage to some Usable level.Every electronic device need some Specific voltage as an input to work properly Most of The Microcontroller Required 5V to Turn On and work Perfectly so from Where that 5V comes if we are Using Buck converter ( Step Down Dc
Voltage Level)  it,s in an efficient way to Buck DC voltage Level to some usable level so today I will teach you that How to Turn On Arduino nano, Arduino Uno, Arduino Pro Mini e.t.c using Buck Converter you can Buy this Buck converter easily from the Market or Buy online From the eBay.

You Need To connect The Positive Terminal of the Input Power supply with Buck Converter IN+ and negative Terminal of input power supply with IN- and set the DMM probes at the output of the DMM.

Buck Converter Output Voltage :
Keep in mind that Buck converter output voltage is not equal to 5v at the Start you need to do some little work to Make it 5v,7v,8v,9v it,s an easy way there is a Blue color PotentioMeter Present on Buck converter and a Little golden color screw present at the top of the Potentiometer so you need to Turn that screw clock or anti-clockwise and check Output voltage on The DMM by moving that screw you can set your Desired out put voltage.

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