By | June 18, 2015
This is an Easy DIY Project, summary of this project is that First Arduino Pro Mini will receive the data from Pc using Serial Communication and will Display These Data on Lcd with Auto Scrolling option .we can use this Project in advertisements, Railway station, Banks e.t.c The Led is connected with Pin no 6 when The Arduino Pro Mini receiving the Data it will Glow.
Always use Proper DC power Supply For Arduino Pro Mini to Turn ON
Baud Rate Must be 9600 bps for Serial Communication 
If you Found any Difficulty while making this Project So don’t Hesitate to Ask we are Here to Help you Free Of Cost!

One Reply to “Send Data over Serial Communication and Display on LCD with Scrolling using Arduino pro Mini”

  1. Donini

    greetings, I've tried to use a pro mini with a LCD Display 16×2 as in the instructions, but all I get is a exclamation mark (?) at 1×15… rechecked everything, it simple won't run the display… it's working fine on a Mega2560.. any ideas?


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