By | June 16, 2015

A group of guys are spreading False information in their videos and articles  by telling that in first step you need to open your Samsung Galaxy s3 back cover and pull out the Battery then Tear Down

and you will Found Black chip which is situated within the battery so that Chip is SIM CARD which is stealing your Private videos and information while using internet and send that information over to the Different countries Server So please be Careful and don’t do this it,s Just Bull shit and totally Wrong i feel wounder when i saw some guys Do this and Removed NFC chip from their Phone Batteries .

This is NFC antenna which is situated within the Battery NFC stand,s for Near field Communication by Using NFC technology we can share data over a short distance a range from 3 cm to 10 cm so it,s a secure way to transfer data at a High speed … I request to All those Guys that Please Don,t share false Information if you Know Nothing .

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