By | June 26, 2015
Hi hello, Electronics Lovers, today I bring something cool for your guys, In this tutorial, i will show you how to make Dot Matrix Display at your home by using Arduino Pro-Mini. This Project is very easy and Based on Arduino Pro mini Microcontroller. In This tutorial, you people will learn how To interface Dot Matrix Led with Arduino Pro mini and Display some Information or Raw data on it.

First Of all, you need to know some Basics, Dot Matrix Led ( Just Combination of Multiple Led,s)
R Mean Row 
C Mean Column
Total 7 Rows and 5 Columns The Columns is attached to the Cathode of all Led,s while From R1 to R7 is Attached with the Anode of the All Led,s.

Download The Source Code By Clicking The Download Button.

*You Can display your own information on this by changing Text inside the source code.  

Be careful while Wiring up The circuit
Schematic :


Download Source Code : 

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