Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Controlling Appliances over WiFi using arduino shields

This is an Easy project in this Tutorial I will show you that How to Control your Home appliances such as Tv, Fan, Lights or any kind of Load over WiFi using Ethernet.

Components Required

Relay Board

WiFi router

Arduino Ethernet Shield

Arduino Uno R3

Ethernet cables

You people already know that How to use Shields with Arduino and How to turn ON and Burn Program on Arduino.
A relay is called a Magnetic Switch here we are Controlling the Relay with the Help of Q1 transistor so whenever the Q1 receive 1 mean High input it will turn on The relay and if it Receives 0 mean Low input so it will turn off the Relay.
After Completing The Hardware now it,s time to open internet Browser and Type this IP Address ""  then you will see an HTML page so Write " relay1on " to Turn on Relay and "" relay1on " To turn off the Relay.

The Direct Download Link of The code is Attached so Download it and Enjoyyyyy if You have any Question Regarding This project so don't hesitate to ask we are Here to Help everyone Free of Cost


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