By | May 23, 2015

Smart grid is a technology to improve the traditional grid system and make it digitize by adding some intelligence systems,
Smart grid communication allows two-way communication between utility provider and consumer. AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure ) will send the real-time data to the utility provider using Mesh, HAN or Zigbee network,

The Theme and Goal of The smart grid Com is to Reduce The Miss use of  Electricity Consumption  + Reduce the Greenhouse emission Co2.
The main cause of the Greenhouse emission is Oil, Coal, gas.
if we use Coal, Gas, Oil power plants to generate electricity then directly we can increase the Co2 emission as you can see on the Graph,

If we want to Reduce the Graph of Carbon footprints we must need to move towards clean Energy which is called Renewable Energy ( Energy we can get from Natural resources) Like SOLAR, HYDRO, WIND e.t.c otherwise we will directly move toward Global Warming.
Every Country needs to Move towards the Green Energy especially the CHINA because it is the Main contributor by producing 63% Co2.

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