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Hex file is Attached Download it and burn it on PIC12F675 it,s an easy project by using this project you can control Maximum 4 loads the loads may be your Room Light, Fan, Locker or any thing you want to control or turn ON and Off using tv remote.
Always put the TSOP1738 Sensor in a line of sight condition to work for a long range you can use any kind of TV remote which hold the 37KHz frequency standard.
whenever you press the Button on the tv remote the Led will blink Enjoy if you found any Difficulty while making this Project don’t hesitate to ask we are here to help you any time free of cost ………Thank Electronics Lovers 

Schematic Diagram:
Control Home Appliances Using a Tv Remote

Prototype Board:

Control Home Appliances Using a Tv Remote

Hardware : 

Control Home Appliances Using a Tv Remote
Download Hex File :

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21 Replies to “Control Home Appliances Using a Tv Remote”

  1. Bala Murugan

    hi This is Murugan, this project is superb for begineers, ok i have a doubt on TSOP1738 sensor.. ok what are the value thats comes out from our TV remote. what is the digital value, how can we check the value for specific buttons. then only i can write code

  2. Dave Windler

    Dear Abid Jamal,
    The above circuit sounds very interesting but to proceed I need to confirm 2 thing.
    1- The input voltage required to operate this circuit? Is it 5V?
    2- What is the recommended voltage of loads..means is this circuit controlling for 120V devices or for 220V devices?

    Will appreciate your swift response via email

  3. Dave Windler

    Dear Abid, Could you please confirm the input voltage of your circuit. Does it require 5V power to operate? Also please confirm the load voltage. I mean is this recommended for 120 V load or 220 V?

    Please confirm. I will really appreciate your swift response.

  4. Abid Jamal

    The function of this circuit is to control the relay so with the help of relay we can control any kind of load it may be 220v and 120v

  5. Abid Jamal

    Yes you can control any kind of loads, everything depends upon on relay the main task of this circuit is to to control the relay switching. The relay function is to Turn on 120v or 220v supply

  6. Abid Jamal

    Kindly refresh your browser, i checked the link is working perfectly. After all, if you still facing the issue so kindly contact us we will provide you a code.

  7. Ariel Orapa

    thank you so much,we already got the code but can we ask a few questions on how to transfer this code to our PIC?thank you so much

  8. Anonymous

    I also can not get the hex file. The browser has the latest and I have tried on four. Can I ask for this file at my address:
    Thank you!
    P.S. sorry for my „English"


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