Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is IR module and How it works

In This tutorial i will show you that How IR( Infrared ) Module Works so let,s Start there is Two Tiny Bulbs located in the front of IR module the one is IR Led the Function of this Led is to Transmit  IR rays Continuously and the Second one ( Black ) is for Receiving IR rays .

IR Module pin out :

1) vcc +5v
2) Gnd 
3) Output

Next step is how to make Power supply for IR module so By using LM7805 Voltage Regulating Ic you will get +5v Dc out put Voltage so it,s recommended voltage for IR module to Work properly
After Giving Power to IR module now it,s time to Test so Connect one Led with the Output pin of the Ir Module as you can see at the below image.

Now put your Hand or anything in the Front of Ir module so when you Put your Hand at the front of IR module it will Give 0v at the Out put pin when you Remove your Hands the Led will start glowing you can Replace Led by any Load you want to Turn on and Off  We can use IR module Mostly at Obstacles Avoidance Robot Project.

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