By | March 2, 2015
“To Indicate the amount of Lpg in the Air it will Trip a Relay + Alarm sound to save your Lives and Environment “

This Sensor is Called MQ2 it can Sense any type of Flammable gases in the Environment whenever it senses the flammable gas like methane, propane, butane, alcohol, smoke, hydrogen the Temperature of the sensor will increase  and the Resistance of the Sensor will Drop down from 860k to 800 ohms so the More Current will flow through Load Resistor and the Arduino A0 pin Will sense the Change and will turn On the Relay to Turn On and Off the Connected Load .


5 Replies to “Interfacing of LPG sensor with arduino + Code”

  1. azizi kashim

    Hello, I want ask you something, are you using proteus to make this circuit, I don't find MQ2 sensor in my proteus 8 pro.
    can you help ? 🙂 If you have MQ2 sensor library can you share it?

  2. Electronics Lovers

    use Fritzing is open source, free software instead of proteus for arduino project simulations …..or ……These projects are already tasted no need to doubt just go and made it it,s DIY project ………thanks


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