By | March 18, 2015


“To ON-OFF The Dc voltage Level By using Duty cycle of square wave”

when the Square Wave Pulse width high it means it,s Duty cycle is high so a motor or other connected Load will turn on for that time or when the Pulse width is Low so the connected load will turn on for short time .Pulse Width Modulation is one of the Powerful Technique Used in Control system, Robotics ,Mechatronics e.t.c

Servo Motor is different from Normal Dc Motor we can Control the angular position of the Servo motor with the help of sending a servo signals The Servo motor have Three Wires The Red wire is for Positive Voltage +5v and Black wire is for Ground and the Third wire i am talking about the White wire it,s called Control signal Wire .
You can Change the Angular position of the Servo motor with the help of Pulse width Modulation ..800 Micro second delay at start point will make a 0 degree angular position .
<You can download MikroC Code, Proteus files etc here>

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