By | March 29, 2015
In this Tutorial, I will show you how to interface RFID reader with Arduino Uno. Follow the given steps Carefully, Good Luck 

1) Power supply For RFID reader and Arduino Uno 5v or 12v 

2) RFID reader and RFID tag must be compatible with the same frequency 125khz 

3) Always use TTL compatible output RFID reader

4) Connect Enable pin of RFID reader with Arduino Uno pin No 9

5) when an RFID tag is shown near the reader the chip will send data to the reader

6) we can Read 12 characters Unique number of RFID tag serially using Arduino Uno 


One Reply to “Interfacing of RFID with Arduino To Read RFID Cards”

  1. Vapula

    Just take notice that some RFID reader may send more than 12 character.

    125KHz cards have a 10 digit serial number but you may see some extra characters (one of my reader send 2 characters, the serial, 2 more characters then CR/LF for a total of 16 character).

    A guess is that some of the extra chars may be the manufacturer ID or card type (I scanned 20+ thin cards from a 100-card box and they all had the same number while the keyfob I got with the reader had another value).

    The CR/LF characters may allow you to resync should the Arduino and the card reader get out of sync.


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