By | March 11, 2015

This Tutorial will Show you How to Find the Determinant and Inverse of a 3×3 Matrix The 3×3 Means 3 Columns & 3 Rows .

How To Find The Determinant of a 3×3 Matrix :

Remove First Row First Column ( Red Line ) You will be left with a 2-by-2 matrix Do a Simple Cross Multiplication but don’t forget to put a Minus sign While Doing a Cross Multiplication.

(1×11) – (8×6) = (11-48)= -37 and at the End we got 5 so we called at the Determinant of That 3×3 Matrix .

How To Find The Inverse of a 3×3 Matrix :
Repeat the procedure above but do it for all the entries one by one and here + or – sign assigned to it in alternating fashion

Step 2 is to Take Transpose : reflecting the entries along the main diagonal ..

Divide All numbers of the Matrix / Determinant Value 5

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