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Friday, 20 March 2015

Arduino Based Temperature Meter Will Show Max Min & Present Temperature

In This Tutorial i will Show You That how to Make Arduino Mini pro Based Temperature Meter that allows you to measure temperature and Display the Maximum Minimum and Present Temperature on 4X20 LCD Module.

Material Needed:

Arudino Mini Pro
LCD Module 4 x 20                                                          
Temperature Sensor (DS18B20)
22k resistor
5v Regulated Power Supply or 5v Battery or 9v Dc Battery with Voltage Regulated ic 

First step is to Turn on Arduino Mini Board by Connecting 5v Dc power supply After this You need To Connect The Sensor so there is a 3 wires coming out from DS18B20 Sensor Two of them is for Ground and Vcc and third wire is for input to arduino so Connect the Third wire with Digital Pin No 4 of Arduino Mini Pro and connect 2.2K resistor to Vcc from Digital pin No 4 and it,s Done .
Now it,s time to Connect LCD with Arduino so it,s easy Connect the LCD-SDA To Arduino Pin No A4 and Connect LCD-SLC to Arduino Pin No A5 .

It,s an Easy Project Do it Your Self ......Thanks Electronics Lovers 


Author Stonez Taken From


  1. just a remark. your BOM says 22k resistor, yr drawing says 2.2k resistor and yr program says 220 ohm resistor. Those are big differences

    1. 2.2 K is the right value for the resistor


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