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Monday, 9 March 2015

Analog vs Digital Signal

Both Analog and Digital Signals are used to Transmit the Information in the Form of Electrical signals .

Analog ( Time varing Feature vs Digital (discontinuous values ones and zeros )

Analog Signal is a Continuous Signal                         Digital Signal is a Discrete time Signal
(infinite and uncountable set of numbers)                       (Finite and countable set of numbers)   
Analog signal can be denoted by a Sine wave            Digital Signal can be denoted by a Square wave

Example of Analog signal is Human voice,                Electronic Devices Such as Computers, CD's,&
Temperature etc                                                     DVDs

we can Record Analog signal waveform                    Make Samples of Analog wave form with
 as they are so it will require more bandwidth.           limited numbers of sets

Too Much Distortion in analog signal                        We can Easily Detect the Digital signal and
( Amplifier Amplify Noise Also at the Receiver side )                        Remove the Noise at the Receiver side easily

Mostly Analog signal are used for Audio                  Mostly use in Computers & Digital Electronics
and Video Transmission

 Analog Thermometer is the Best Application           PDA,s and Personal Computers Best Applicaton

Analog signal can be stored in the Form of               Digital signal can be stored in the form of 0&1
Wave signal

Cost Effective                                                            Expensive

Analog Instrument Create So Much error                 Digital Instruments Free of ERRORS

AM or FM                                                                     MP3 player, DVD's CD's

       The digital signal is still a time varying signal a Analog signal But The difference is in the receiver. 


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