By | January 11, 2015

RS232 is Based on serial communication which means it can send or receive one bit at a time RS232 is a Standard (1987) to make a communication sophisticated RS232 connect a peripheral devices like printer,scanner,modem and mouse with computer RS232 can provide p2p communication some time called point to point communication the speed of RS232 is not too much fast we can achieve a maximum speed of 920 Kbps during a data communication by using RS232 we can connect a peripheral device with computer at a maximum distance of 50 ft RS232 styles is different it,s shape is just like D so people called it a D style so it comes in two shape the one is D9 ( total 9 pins connector ) and second one is D25 ( total 25 pins connector ) but mostly three pins are using such as Tx,RX,CT

1) TXD ( Pin NO 3 ) : The function of this pin is to send or transmit data serially to a connected devices with computer

2) RXD ( Pin NO 2 ) : The function of this pin is to Receive a data serially from connected devices with computer

3) CTS&RTS ( Pin NO 7,8 ) : Clear to send and Ready to send Just to check that the channel is busy or free for the communication

4) DSR ( Pin NO 6 ) : it,s stand for Data set ready it works with device like modem to tell to computer that now i m ready to take a new data

5) DTR ( Pin NO 4 ) : The function of
this pin is to connect or disconnect a peripheral device from computer

6) DCD: ( Pin NO 1 ) : To check that Devices is disconnected or still connected with the pc

7) RI: ( Pin NO 9 ) : it,s stand for Ring indicator the function of this pin is to inform the computer that modem is ringing

8) SG: ( Pin NO 5 ) : it,s stand for Signal ground in a simple words a reference point of the circuitry

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