By | January 29, 2015

What is LOS ?
One to one communication Between Transmitter & Receiver is called Line of Sight .This is a Line of sight communication between two Cells A and B The Cell A transmitting and Cell B receiving the signal directly but keep in mind there is No hurdles or obstacles on the way.
 e.g Satellite and Microwave link communication is the best example of Los.

What is FADING ?
In real world it,s Hard to Achieve Los Communication between BTS and Mobile station a user must receive Reflected copy of the original signal from the ground there is other things which make a disturbance in our Communication such as Buildings,Moving Cars,Mountains,Birds, Aeroplane e.t.c

” To Receive Multiple copies of the Original signal with different time slots is called fading “

The Motor car Receiving Reflected Three copies of the original signal There is Multiple techniques that how to handle this problem sometime we use Equalizer to equal all the received signal and make at one signal .

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