By | December 13, 2014

Today i am going to show you that how To make energy efficient Led Dc lighting system for you Home so don’t be afraid it,s not a rocket science i will show you Step by step that how to Make this Project

So First of All we need some component

1) Transformer
2) Rectifier Circuit
3) 12V Battery
4) Dc Lights Led Strip
5) wire and one Button

Transformer : 
                      ” Transformer is A device which Step up OR Step Down Ac Voltage ” Suppose we have a 11000 AC voltage Line But For Domestic use We need only 220V Ac so Here we need a Transformer To stepdown Ac Voltage from 11000 To 220 v AC OR if The Source Voltage is 110v AC and We need 220v AC so for doing this job here we need Ste-up Transformer to step of 110v AC to 220v AC .Use step Down transformer you can get this easily from market

Rectifier Circuit:
our first job is This to Convert this Ac in to Dc ” any Electrical Device which converts Ac in To DC is called RECTIFIER ” There are many ways that you can convert Ac in to DC But the Heart of The rectification is only One electronic Component which is called a Diode .
“Diode is an electronic component which allow current to flow in one direction and Block The Reverse current To comeback”

12V Battery + Charging Schematic :


Implementation : 

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