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HI hello everybody today i am going to show you that how to build a simple Dc Motor Before starting the Topic Let,s First Discuss That how a DC  Motor Works ?
You People knows better That how Electricity and Magnetism works together so Let,s start we know that same charges always repel each others while opposite charges always attracts each others so by making a magnetic force we need only One wire (insulated) + Dc Battery connect  one side of the wire with the positive terminal of the battery and connect the another side of the wire with the negative terminal of the  battery when you complete this so the electron will start flowing through a wire and it will produce a Magnetic force it,s so simple you can make your own Magnetic force don’t be afraid do it by your self .
we know that In magnet the electrons that are Negatively charged are spinning in the same direction because atoms are lined up . Area around the The magnet where a force is alive so it,s called a magnetic field when ever a magnet or Metal Enter in to that area my mean magnetic field area so the magnet will pull these objects towards itself .

we have create a Magnetic force using insulated wire and Dc battery and place it above the magnet so the Magnet will try to pull the insulated wire towards itself by doing this the insulated wire start spinning freely  and here it,s Done and you Build a Simple Dc Motor some time it,s hard to make the balance perfect so Try try again Until you succeed .

Components Need ::::
1) Copper wire ( insulated )

2) DC battery 6v or 9v
3) Magnets
4) Holders or paper clips

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  1. Leo Cole

    Very cool! Good pictures, Thanks a lot for giving a clear definition to understand the basic principles and theory.


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