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Hi Hello everybody today our Article is about USB pin out diagram &  How a USB Works so before going to start our article Lets first discuss that what is USB ?
USB stands For Universal Serial Bus it,s Basically a standard which tells us about the Connectors,cable,speed and also tells about The output power detail for the Sophisticated communication.


                       Basically a USB cable Consist of four wires which you people can see on the above image the first one is +5v which means that a system USB port can only deliver a maximum of 5V DC voltage with 500ma Current The last pin Shows GND it,s mean it,s for ground .
The remaining Two pins are for Data communication D+ and D-

::How to Build a USB Powered LED Light::
Now i am going to show you That how to powered Led using a USB cable so it,s simple don’t be afraid you just need the USB cable which you can get easily from Old mouse or From market after getting cable you need to remove the Cable shield using blade when you remove the upper shield of the cable you will see the Four wires inside it with different colors The different colors separate them that someone can understand easily
Here from this cable we just need two wires one is RED for 5V and other one is BLACK for ground
and we don’t need the other two wired so we will cut it Because we don’t need Data communication.
The schematic is given below this is simple circuit we here use resistors just for the current limitation to limit the current for the Led The rest of the Circuit is so simple …
Do it by your self and Enjoy WARNING!!But B care full about Wires Selection .

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