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Hi Hello everybody Today our article is about Datagram Versus Virtual Circuits packet switching in this article we will Discuss that how these Two switching technology Differ from each others and will also tell you  the Advantage and Disadvantage of these switching technologies .

What is Networking ?

In simple Words “To connect Two or More Host Through some Guided or unguided medium” 

What is Switch ?

Switch is a Device which First store packets in its buffer memory then Forward it “” Store & forward message”
What is Datagram packet switching ?

If Host A wants to Send a packet To Host B  there must be enough information present at the header of that packet to enable the switch now The switch will start searching that which path is near and best to a Destination host but Remember  switch will always chose the Best path using Routing or Forwarding table .

Here in picture You people can see that there is Three ways in which Host A can send Data to Host B so it,s now Depends upon the Switch that which path he select for the data.

* Datagram packet switching is Connection less which means that User can send data at any time from anywhere with out making Connection setup.

* Every packets forwarded independently no packets will depend on each other because they will reach to a destination using different paths .

* if a link failure occur at switch X it will change the path and will send the data to host B using switch z.

* Some Problems may occur e.g a user just sending his Data but don’t know that the destination host is capable or enable to Receive the data .

What is Virtual Circuits switching ?

Virtual circuit is totally differ from Datagram switching if you want to send data from Host A to Host B it will first Make a connection setup if the source received Acknowledgment from the Destination Host so Now you are able to start data communication .

* Virtual Circuit is a connection oriented it means first it will make a connection setup with destination host Before going to send the Data .

* If it make a connection setup successfully now the Source is Able to send The data More Fastly Because the path is already knows by the switches 

* we can Reduce Loads on the switches by using vs switching because the Routing information or path information already contained at packet header there is no need to chose the path for the Destination host .

* in virtual circuit there is only one path for the communication between the source and destination if the link failure issue occurred so the whole communication will stuck because there is no alternate route in virtual circuit switching 
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