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Hi hello Every Body Today i am going to Discuss These Two Topics the First One is Cell But not one a Biological cell and the second one is the Handoff ( Handover ) Concept so Let,s start
BTS(Base transceiver station):
BTS refereed to as a cell phone Tower which transmit and revive signals.
 To Divide Large Geographical area To a small Geographical areas this small areas is know as cell At Below picture You people can see that There is one BTS( MOBILE TRANSCEIVER STATION) present at Every cell which covered the Existing area so from this picture it,s cleared that We divide large geographical area in to cells we can also decide the cell boundary it,s depends upon the User that how much people Live at that area How many Channels required for that area and what should be The Range of the Bts simply That how much area it will cover so we should Think alot before Putting a fixed BTS .

Handoff ( Handover ) Concept:

                                                    When one cell transfer the signal transmission To another cell without making interrupt on the call.
The given image Shows clearly That One car is Moving with some speed suppose that inside a
car a passenger is using is cell phone and Talking with someone But passenger don’t know that what,s going on outside the car only Telecom engineer knows that what,s happening out side so when a car moved near to the boundry of BS1 before a passenger call drops or receive weak signal from BS1 they transfer the passenger call to BS2 without making interrupt on the passenger call so this phenomena is called handoff or handover .There is one second handoff Time in GSM it takes one second to transfer the call from one Bts to another Bts

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