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Application Layer :
                                     This is the highest layer of the osi architecture this layer is Responsible for providing services to the user because this layer will responsible to support user applications such as Skype yahoo Ms word etc.
                                This layer performs multiple set of services one of the services is to Translate and compress the data the second services is that if a incoming message is reached it firs convert the incoming message to a proper format that the receiving application understand that format easily that how the data may be at which format in the form of ASCII text or audio

Session Layer:
                               This layer is responsible for to Hold the ongoing communication between two hosts here is the point to know the Session time that how much time they connect with each other and how much data they exchanged Between them They Bind and Unbind the Presentation entities so for this purpose they chose a dedicated layer called a session layer

Transport Layer:
                                 This layer is responsible to Tear down large packets in to small packets and also
responsible for the Delivery of the packets on time and with error free and without Duplication at the receiver end the Transport layer reassembles these packets into one large packet and Send the Delivery report that message is reached to the destination. This layer Optimize the available communication services with an efficient way.
Network Layer:
                         This layer is responsible and concept of this layer is to manage the traffic that how to handle the traffic first they store packets and then forward after forwarding it its rout the data and specify a best path with an unique Address upon them the address which a destination can identify easily .This layer is also responsible for the Control of congestion That will always try that no packets to be lost or drop.
Data Link Layer:
                          This Layer is Responsible to Maintain and establish Network entities & Manage the Flow of Data over The Physical Medium also responsible For the Error Free Transmission of the packets The data link layer Receive the raw bits and convert these raw bits into a Packets.
Physical Layer:
                                  The physical layer is responsible for the conversion of data in to Electrical signals such as Zeros and Ones (0, 1) There is many kind of physical Line which we can use for the communication such as Copper wire optical wire (Data transmit in the form of light). If sender sends a data of 1111110 so it will receive the Same bits at the receiving end 1111110 if Bet error occur we Tells that This is bet level error.   

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