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Hi Hello everybody today i am going to show you that how to make  Line Following Robot with out using Microcontroller so let,s start
After Reading This article you would be able to make your own LFR but it,s just don’t need Electronics Basic skills but also need some Basic Mechanical skills too don’t Be afraid it,s OK so The main parts of the Circuit is given below

Sensor part ( Eyes of The LFR ) :
    The firs and Major part of the LFR project is the sensor some time we called it the eyes of the LFR because it shows the right path to the LFR the sensor part contain LDR which stands for Light dependent Resistor and the second one is LED Put your sensors in good position a little above from the ground it.s little bit tricky but not impossible .

How it works ?

We are using Two Led and Two Ldr for two Dc motors in this project when Led lights not getting  reflection from the ground surface by LDR it,s mean the robot is on Black line so Motor off because the LFR is not on the Right path my mean robot is not going on White colour Track so whenever LDR  receiving reflection from LED it,s mean that LFR is going on the Right way WHITE
COLOUR  REFLECTION so the DC motor will turn On by 555 .

LDR Sense Light === Turn off the DC Motor
LDR not sence the Light === Turn ON DC motor

Movement Diagram of the LFR DC geared Motors

Part List or Needs For LFR project
Need 4 resistors of 1k ohm
 Need only One 4.7K and 180R resistor
Need Two Potentiometers a value of 10k 
Need Three Capacitors of 10uF 
Need Two LDRs
Need Two White LEDs 
Need one Diode N4148 
Need Two Transistors BD3904 
Need three  555 Timers ICs
Need Two DC Geared Motors 
Need a 9v or 12V Battery
Implementation of The circuit on Breadboard 
Use White colour Track Dont use Black 

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