By | October 22, 2014
Hi Hello Everybody today we will Discuss the relationship between error detection vs error correction in under the shadow of Networking that which one is better so let,s start ….

What is Error Detection ?

Every user Want,s to send his data from source to Destination successfully & error free  at one time because every one knows that time is money so it,s not easy job e.g if Host A want,s to send data to Host B and Host B receive the Data error free so it,s fine you happy receiver happy But what about when there is error occur in the frame at the receiver side so there are three types of error …

1) Bit Error:

some time user send his data but on the way some bit,s flip,s on the data due to attenuation,noise,thunderstorm so we called this Bit error Because the remaining data is ok but the error occurred in some bits.

2) Frame Error:

some time user send the data successfully but Not reached to the destination due to overflow the condition of overflow occur at that time when switch buffer memory become full so it will drop the more incoming packet because switch buffer memory is limited .

3) Link failure :
some physical line cut down ,

Why we use Error Detection ?

we use Error detection to avoid retransmit of the whole packet .

What is Error Correction ?

some time we focused on error correction if receiver detect error so it,s best option to correct it rather then to discard or retransmit Error correction some time more important suppose if we are communicating with satellite a long range communication  and we send the packet after some time the packet reach to space but packet contain error so a receiver will Discard it or will ask for new copy of that packet so here extra bandwidth used and it,s not easy job it,s too expensive to send the packet from ground to space so here in long range communication we will prefer Error correction if satellite receive the packet so it,s better to correct it rather then to discard and ask for the new copy of that packet .

Error Detection Vs Error Correction

1) Error correction is too expensive is compared to error detection

2) Error Detection use extra Bandwidth while error correction not

3) Error detection not matter sometime like in video conferencing 

4) Error detection is simple as compared to Error correction

5) Error correction Required at High level such is net banking , security 

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