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First of all I just want to say That This article is only for the beginners So now come towards the Point that what is transformer Many people think that transformer is a device which converts Ac in to Dc so This is Wrong basically ” Transformer is A device which Step up OR Step Down Ac Voltage ” Suppose we have an 11000 AC voltage Line But For Domestic use We need only 220V Ac so Here we need a Transformer To stepdown Ac Voltage from 11000 To 220 v AC OR if The Source Voltage is 110v AC and We need 220v AC so for doing this job here we need Ste-up Transformer to step of 110v AC to 220v AC . Now comes To the second Part that how transformer works so Transformer is made from Two coils the first one is called primary coil (input coil) and the second one is called secondary coil (output coil)  but remember there is no Physical connection between these two coils there is Dielectric between These coils so when a current Start flowing on primary coil it produced magnetic field on the transformer core which cuts the secondary coil so due to this phenomena an EMF induced at Secondary coil .

STEP DOWN Transformer == Less Turns of Wire on The secondary coil as compared to Primary

STEP UP Transformer ==== More Turns of Wires on the secondary coil as compared to Primary

You can Make your Own simple transformer You need just Simple copper wire ( insulated ) first Round some wire But Must count the Turn then put some Mecca paper at the meddling of the wire then round wire again for secondary coil and you finished done …

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