By | September 18, 2014

Everyone Knows That Electricity Comes To Our Home is an Ac Form my Mean a sine wave (220V AC) so What will happen if you give a 220V AC direct  to your   Electronics Device ? not Much
more but a Smoke will appear and everything will be Burnt out so why This is happening The simple answer is this that Most electronics Device Need DC current To operate so our first job is This  to Convert this Ac in to Dc ” any Electrical Device which converts Ac in To DC is called RECTIFIER ” There are many ways that you can convert Ac in to DC But the Heart of The rectification is only One electronic Component which is called a Diode .
“Diode is an electronic component which allow current to flow in one direction and Block The Reverse current To comeback” There are many types of rectification such as


But in this article i will Discuss the Bridge rectifier It,s The most
Perfect Method for rectification so let,s start Bridge Rectifier The Bridge Rectifier consists of Four diodes Which you can see on the Image when + half cycle of (AC 220V )  pass Through this circuit The D1 and D2 will Conduct and allow the current to flow in one direction and make a Bridge when The Negative Half cycle comes so  the D3 and D4  will conduct  but remember at that time diodes D1 and D2 switch “OFF” Because they are reversed biased  and will Make a path like a bridge After a complete cycle you will get a Ripple DC at Out put but The output DC still Not Fully a DC so we need a Smooth DC for making smooth DC we will add a Capacitor at the end this capacitor will store the Pulse and will make a DC smooth at output.

Now You Done You can Make your Own DC power supply By Using This simple components ,…..Thanks 

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