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Hi hello Everybody today our article is about LM78XX series so what is This Let,s start Basically This Is the Series of Voltage Regulators Every one Knows That we can step-up and step- Down AC voltage Using Transformer But What about DC voltage suppose  we have a IC chip which need a 5v Dc to be operate but your output voltage is 12V Dc Then what should you do ?
This is The answer That LM78XX series used to STEP-DOWN dc voltage if you Need a constant 5V DC Then you Need To use LM7805 IC The last Digit shows The out put Voltage .
” The LM78XX Series is just using For DC Voltage Regulation  “”

1 ) LM7805  :::  Will give a Constant  5v Dc voltage

2 ) LM7808  :::  Will give a Constant  8v Dc voltage  
3)  LM78012  ::: Will give a Constant  12v Dc voltage  
4)  LM7818  :::  Will give a Constant  18v Dc voltage  

But Remeber That every IC have Some Fixed Input Voltage to Be operate suppose we are using LM7805 so The Input Dc voltage Should must be High Then 7V if the Input voltage is More then 7v so it will operate Good and will give a 5V Constant Dc at Output .

We can Use LM78XX series every Where at any place Basically It is also called the Closed Friend of the Microcontroller because Most of The Microcontroller chips Needs 5v dc To Work Properly so for giving 5V dc at Microcontroller input we will Use LM7805 ic .

The LM78XX series IC Consist Of Three Legs The Firs Legs used as a Input and The Middle leg is Used for Common Mean for Ground and The Third Leg is used for The out put .
Always Used a good Heatsink While using L78XX series IC Because it produce Much heat ….Thank To all For Reading My Article

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  1. Anonymous

    Perhaps an inclusion of the effects of zener diode placed between pin 2 and ground has would improve this article. Also the inclusion of an npn transistor and diode to increase the output current might be useful. Perhaps a mention of the 79XX, the negative voltage cousin of the 78XX series. Also the available output voltages are 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, and 24V, not just the few most commonly used listed.


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