By | September 11, 2014

i am just writing This article only for Beginners The Title of My article is  how fuse works ? so the answer is simple fuse is look like a small glass tube and a thin wire inserted on it the melting point of that wire is tooo low so when ever the circuit become faulty or short circuit so the high current Rush through this thin wire so due to overload and heat it becomes melt and open the circuit now no current flows to the main circuit so always use fuse at the start of your circuit other wise you will found your circuit or electronic component burnt and damaged when fluctuation become occur at main line  but remember we can connect fuse always with live wire of the circuit .

This small thing Saved my Money i was setting with my friends and watching tv after some time due to fluctuation on voltage our room tv suddenly stopped work and becomed black we all surprised i checked the outlet the wires everything was perfect so my friend decide to bring this tv to electronic repair shop when we reached there a man on shop said i will charged 30$ for this so we all wondered and we refused his offer and bring our tv back to home so one day i decide to open this tv by myself and finally i was successful so when i opened it i saw a bunch of wires and tooo many Dust first of all i cleared all the circuit from dust then i saw this small glass tube but not like that one which you seen on this picture it was Black my mean burnt so i plug out that fuse and go to market and bought new one but you know i just bought that fuse only for 2$ so when i insert a new fuse and pug the tv wire at outlet and Press the Tv turn On button with My hand shaking but when i pressed the turn on button of the tv soooooooo The tv Turned On with no fault at that i was so happy so i request to you people when ever you found your tv monitor or any electronic device faulty so Please must check The fuse of that device if it,s the problem of fuse then you will save more and more money + time …….share this article if you liked at thanks

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