By | August 29, 2014
::::::Ultrasonic Sensor How It Works ?? ::::::

Ultrasonic sensors are Working on the Principles of Sound waves The sensor Send Sound waves at Some Frequency There is piezoelectric crystals inside the sensor which resonate with the receiving frequency and convert audible sound waves into electrical energy you know every sensor have a frequency range or you can change by limiting variable resistor which you can connect with sensor so let,s First to know that how to Turn on this sensor you people can see there is Three legs connected with sensor first one is for ground a second one for power mean a 5V Dc supply you can Make your own 5V Dc supply by using simple IC Name Lm7805 which gives a fixed 5v Dc and the third one for signal a signal Send and recive simply a interfacing with microcontroller so when you Turned On it will Send waves when some hurdles are moving objects comes in front of the sensor so the Waves will Reflect from the Moving or Stationary Object and Will received By Sensor Then it will Give a pulse signal to a Micro controller that Everything is cleared or some hurdles present in front of you Basically This sensor mostly use in Robotics Projects .

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