Say goodbye to load shedding

.....Say goodbye to load shedding .....

Hi hello every body i am writing this article for those people who suffering from  Electricity Load shedding in summer season and for those people who belongs to a Backwards area where no electricity so it,s not a rocket science You Need Some basic Things To Say goodbye To load shedding For ever .

 Solar panel ( size depends upon on your Load )
 Rechargeable Battery ( 20 AH will be best )
Fan ( Dc 12v Fan )
Led Light ( 12v Led Light )
Put solar Panel on Roof top or other suitable place To get full sunshine so now you can enjoy free energy if you want to do this project and want to implement so go ahead it,s too easy .....Feel free to contact with us if You found any confusion during Implementation ..........Thanks Regards Elovers Team
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  1. Hey i need your help for designing charge controller


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