By | June 21, 2014
………My First Experience With (Small box) Relay ……

“”Sorry for my Bad english””
i love electronics form My childhood so one day i saw a Circuit in a shop at market at that circuit there was a small Boxes inserted so i just stopped and watched to the circuit for some time the shopkeeper said to me that what are you doing what happened are you okay i replied that i am ok fine But i made a plan that how to get that circuit so i asked that how much for this so he replied rudely that only 5$ when i heared about the price i become silent and sad and i come back to home hopeless But at second day i start struggle and took loan from many friends  and i make the Money when i go back to shop The circuit were Present over there so i start bargaining with the shopkeeper he agreed and i got the circuit so at the way i am going back to home i will never forget that moments i will never forget my happiness when i reached happily to home and go to my room and waiting for that to see that what,s inside at that small box(Relay) when i broke one box i saw that there is a coil inside i just said simply wow when i broke another small box there was also a coil present at that box so i wondered at start searching that how to Use this Small box and what is the function of this Box so after a short time i got the name of that small box the people and electronics lovers called RELAY to that small box so i start many experiments that how to operate relay i tried alot but the result,s was not good but one thing that i was not hopeless at that time a Three days latter i start experiment again on relay at that time i connect the 5v battery with the right terminal and suddenly i heared some sound i surprised when i connect again the battery the sound appeared again basically the sound come from The relay contact then i plan that how to connect the Load with Relay so I put One Led as a load when Relay Terminal get connected the Led start glow and i become very happy at that time and finally i got the point that how to use Relay .

Basically Relay is Magnetic switch it can turn ON and Off your Load automatically  there is many kinds of relay presents in Market such as 5v,12v,24v Relay at depends upon you that what is your requirements But know Transistor becomes more popular i will explain Transistor at my next Post ………Thanks

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